How Interchangeable Jewelry Works - Back Loading Mechanism

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The rings, which are made entirely of sterling silver, feature a thicker shank so they hold their shape. Most of the ring designs load the marble from the back which also helps the product retain its shape. (The Mod Ring uses a modified Pinch Mechanism.) When the marble is removed by pushing the marble towards the back of the ring, the tension can be renewed by gently pinching* the sides of the ring together. A new marble is loaded by pulling it in from the back.

Back Loading Mechanism Push out marble Pull new marble into place
2 Easy Steps... Push Pull

Additionally, wearers can use marbles of slightly different sizes. If the marble being used is slightly smaller than the previous one, the wearer can give the ends a firmer squeeze before inserting the marble to adjust for the slightly smaller size. Using a smaller or larger marble can affect the ring size somewhat.