Wholesale Discounts on Handmade, Sterling Silver Interchangeable Jewelry

Becoming a Wholesale Customer

We continue to build our wholesale clientele. Needless to say, we go to great lengths to attract and acquire new wholesale accounts, and will happily consider anyone who wants to open an account with us. You will recieve great wholesale discounts on all of our products (rings, pendants, earrings, keychains, marbles and semi-precious gemstone marbles).

We can provide area protection for any store that needs to be the exclusive retailer in their area that carries us. We find this mostly happens in tourist areas and small towns.

For more information please call or email Lisa Stotska:520-971-6226 (mobile), wholesale@gotallyourmarbles.com

Wholesale Customer Contacts

Phone: 866- 628-1433, 520-628-1433

Fax: 520-622-5565

email: wholesale@gotallyourmarbles.com

Current wholesale customers may contact us to set up an online wholesale account, and be able to login and shop online at wholesale prices.

We attend the New York International Gift Fair in NYC in January and August, the Buyers Market of American Craft show in Philadelphia in February and July or August, as well as AmericasMart Gift Show in Atlanta in mid July.

Insights Gained in The Crafts Report December 2011

Got All Your Marbles? was featured in the Insights Gained section of The Crafts Report, a trade magazine for artists in business. The article gives insight into how to succeed in this industry.

Resources for Wholesale Customers Printables including ads, catalogs, articles. Videos, news and more.

Instructional Video for Wholesale Customers Learn the basics of the Original line and get tips on how to display and sell the jewelry for best results.

How it's made Watch how we make marble jewelry using the lost wax casting method. Tucson, AZ.

Got All Your Marbles? Marketing Posters

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A testimonial...


Subject: How marbles saved our Christmas

Dear Lisa,

I was first introduced to “Got All Your Marbles?” in 2004. Once I saw the product I was amazed. The quality, craftsmanship, price and versatility were amazing and I remember thinking that I couldn’t imagine any women NOT wanting them. “Marble Mania” struck my small town and sales exploded beyond my wildest dreams. A trend began and everyone, of all ages, and budgets had to have one (or more!). This trend continued and thousands sold. The line continued to grow and diversify and the sales skyrocketed. During the faltering economy, Got All Marbles kept me in business.

After 10 years I sold my store in Pennsylvania and opened a shop nearly 2000 miles away in Albuquerque, NM. 8 months into owning this business, sales from “Got All Your Marbles? “are 1/3 of our total business and both locals and tourists from all over the world have fallen in love with them!

(Note: the new owner in PA is still going strong with Got All Your Marbles? sales after 11 years and with a population density of only 20,000 people)

Like any great artists, GAYM continues to add styles to their existing collection that offer even more versatility. Whether a customer likes bold and funky or sophisticated and elegant, this collection works. The price point makes it affordable and unlike other interchangeable lines, the customer gets instant gratification with a generous assortment of marbles included with their purchase. The company is a pleasure to work with and stand behind their product. After this year I will be approaching total sales of nearing ½ million dollars in sales since we first began. The sales representative that first introduced me to them was uncertain whether to even present the line to me as he thought it may be to “over the top” for the conservative rural area in which my 1st boutique was opened. That proved to be wrong and 11 years and 3 stores later the sales from GAYM Collection are still going strong!

Catherine Webster

Catherine's Cache
Albuquerque, NM