Casting Services
GAYM Now Offers Casting Services in Bronze, Sterling and Gold

Casting Services Offered!

GAYM now offers casting services to the trade and to individuals.

Metals offered:

  • Bronze
  • Sterling
  • Karat Gold (any color and karat)

Object Size:

Because of our small to large capacity system, we can cast pretty much anything you want to give us
  • From small items like earrings
  • To larger items like car parts
  • Max pour weight is 80 oz per flask
  • Max size is about a 4” x 6” shape


  • Small Flask = $75 + metal cost
  • Medium Flask = $100 + metal cost
  • Large Flask = $150 + metal cost
  • Small Mold = $75
  • Large Mold = $150

Finishing Services:

We also offer fabulous finishing services as we have a great tumbling system! Also:
  • Despruing
  • Tumbling
  • Polishing

Shop Labor:

For specialized personal assistance, shop time is offered at $100 an hour if desired.

We’d love to be of service to make whatever you’ve been working on or are in need of.
Please contact [email protected] or call 520.971.6226.