GAYM American Metalsmiths
A family-owned and operated jewelry manufacturer in Tucson, AZ

Got All Your Marbles? (GAYM) is a family company founded in 1998 by artist and metalsmith William Skiles and his wife Lisa Stotska, when William invented a now patented tension mechanism that he used to releasably hold a marble. When he showed Lisa she said, "Got all your marbles?" and laughed. The brand was born. Today GAYM manufactures both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry using the original interchangeable concept. You can find GAYM's lines of jewelry online and in boutiques around the United States, Canada and in the UK.

All of the jewelry is handcrafted right here in Tucson, AZ by our artisans using the lost-wax casting process. Watch the video to see how we make your marble jewelry!

Who we are

William A. Skiles, Metalsmith

Best known for his unique line of interchangeable jewelry crafted from silver and bronze that re-purposes everyday glass marbles into beautiful and functional pieces of art. By taking a common and banal object like a marble and making it into an easily accessible artisan-crafted piece of jewelry that is both functional and beautiful, William is capturing the essence of pop art. It’s that "something for everyone" that makes certain pieces so revered by popular culture. Besides making jewelry, he often takes a break from his daily practice of lost-wax casting to stretch, hammer and mold metal into fabulous fabrications of his imagination. These sculptures aren’t limited to metal and incorporate wood, stone or found objects. His art relates to themes of the heart, with whimsy and an almost childish flair, while being both thought provoking and profound. More often than not, the pieces are interactive; with a working crank, pulley, hinge or gear that animates or gives function to the piece.

Got All Your Marbles? is a manufacturer of interchangeable marble jewelry in Tucson, AZ.
The Got All Your Marbles? booth can be visited at select juried Art Festivals shows around the nation.

Got All Your Marbles?, LLC
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Tucson, AZ 85713
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* Make sure to call before you head our way as we often travel to art shows and the studio/ showroom in closed.*